Advent of Code 2018 – 25 days of coding

On December 1st the 2018 edition of Advent of Code will start. For those who don’t know what Advent of Code is: It is a programming competition where the authors release one programming problem every day at midnight EST/UTC-5 (6.00 in Germany).

The difficulty of the problems varies every day and it’s mostly about developing algorithms based on detailed descriptions. If you’re interested in how problems look like, check AOC 2017. You can implement your solution in any language you prefer. You don’t submit your code, but only the response of your algorithm to an input that is given to you on the problem description (this input is different for every user, so you cannot just steal it from others).

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Use inotifywait and rsync to automatically push code to a remote server without git (Tips for usage with PyCharm included)

I have written a little helper script that I use whenever I want to write code locally but run it remotely. This is for example useful when I cannot run the code locally because it needs one or more GPUs or is very computationally intensive.

One possibility would be to use git and push/pull each change manually. But this would obviously be too much effort for little changes (like typo fixes). Another alternative is to manually run rsync after each change. But as I am lazy, I want to run rsync automatically whenever any file in my project changes.

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